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Biotechnological Production Processes and Natural Products

Combination of our experience and proprietary technologies enabling efficient production processes and innovative natural products.

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MyBiotech has fermentation capacities for all kinds of microorganisms. We produce yeast, bacteria and microalgae. Our team is specialized in the optimization of cultivation processes for higher biomass and product yields. Our focus is on the production of microalgae as source for omega-3 fatty acids and other natural products and a wide range of prebiotics for applications in food and feed.


MyBiotech uses its proprietary method and equipment for cell rupture, which is the MicroJet Reactor (MJR) technology. This method is continuous, efficient and automated and can be easily upscaled for high-throughput and industrial applications. The method works in disintegration of all kind of biologic materials such as microorganisms, mammalian cells and plant leaf extracts.


Our extraction processes are tailor-made for high efficiency and product yield. We apply both solvent-based and solvent-free extraction processes using state of the art technologies including our proprietary technology MJR. CO2 extraction is e.g. used for omega-3 fatty acids. In further downstreaming processes, we can produce different purities and qualities for application in food, feed and pharmaceuticals.


MyBiotech produces natural Omega-3 fatty acids from algae. We can specifically produce both DHA- and DHA/EPA-rich oil. Furthermore, by our innovative cell rupture and extraction methods, we are able to produce antioxidants (e.g. phycocyanine), proteins and vitamins from microalgae. All of our products can be provided at different purities and qualities according to your needs.

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MicroJet Reactor Technology

Our propiertary technology MicroJet Reactor Technology enables the flexibility and efficiency in single device for cell disruption and extraction.
MicroJet Reactor Technology is the innovative way for continuous cell rupture and extraction with decreased processing time, costs and increased product purity.